How the New Crypto Token, MRI is Helping MMA Fighters Achieve Their Goals


One of the biggest challenges faced by MMA fighters, especially those just starting out, is the poor pay they receive. While the UFC was the biggest promotion in the MMA world, for years there was a pay dispute between owners and fighters, with top earners earning far more. This is a huge disadvantage for those who are just starting out or haven’t been in the industry for a long time as they don’t earn much which causes some of these fighters to enter the ring with injuries and other ailments due to financial constraints.

Frustration and hurt sometimes cause some to give up on their dreams because they have no one to turn to for help. It was part of what brought together an inspired team of 11 fight fans to launch the now viral crypto-token, Marshall Rogan Inu (MRI).

According to the team, one of the reasons they started the project was to empower athletes by getting them the help they needed. Getting back in the ring with an injury or any other illness is difficult for a fighter. It also puts their careers at risk because one wrong move can have such a big impact causing some to quit, says Marshall Rogan Inu’s team.

Unfortunately, since many of these MMA fighters don’t earn enough to cover their daily expenses, they are forced to fight even with injuries to escape the financial constraints they would be under if they were to skip the match and miss a cash check. pay. . With their MRI crypto-token, Marshall Rogan Inu helps MMA fighters achieve their goals by facilitating their journey.

Their one-of-a-kind token offers direct sponsorship to fighters in the form of native Ethereum and IRM, which can then be liquidated to help cover expenses. Holding IRM tokens will encourage the success of the project and embed in the community. Marshal Rogan Inu has so far helped several fighters, including Ian Heinisch by covering his rod surgery costs. They also helped another MMA fighter buy a new car because his old one broke down and he couldn’t attend practice.

While launched only three weeks ago, Marshall Rogan Inu’s impact in the sports industry, more so in mixed martial arts, is clearly visible. They reached 5,000 token holders, with many MMA fighters showing their support, including Ian, who came on board as a counselor after his treatment. MRI has also been featured on Chael Sonnen’s podcast on YouTube, which has 1 million subscribers. UFC champions such as Brandon Moreno, Chito Figuerdo and 2nd division champion Henry Cejudo gave them a shout of support.

As the Marshall Rogan Inu continues to grow, the team says their goal is to help many other MMA fighters when they find themselves in trouble. They want to work hand in hand with the UFC and become a major sponsor of the UFC, just like, Monster, and Venum, among others, who are driving change in the industry.


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