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Dislyte is a gacha-style mobile game where you create teams of five and send your fighters to battle futuristic creatures in turn-based combat. You collect common, uncommon, and rare heroes (called Espers), equip them with powerful relics, and level them up to try and overcome the game’s many challenges.

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As you go through the Dislyte tutorials, you will soon get your first legendary five-star Esper. As this part of the game is largely curated, we know you will get either Tang Xuan Where Li Ling. Both are strong characters, but Li Ling is especially beloved. If you’re lucky enough to have him, read on for tips on how to create the best Li Ling to suit your team’s needs.


Li Ling’s Abilities and Strengths

Li Ling falls comfortably into the DPS Category of Espers. His three skills are largely designed to deal large amounts of damage, while his captain ability gives 30% ATK Up for all squad members in any type of battle.

  • Altar (cooldown: four turns): Attacks all enemies three times, with damage based on its ATK value and the opponent’s HP. Also steals a small percentage of AP.
  • tai chi (cooldown: three to four turns*): A single target attack that hits five times. Damage is based on his ATK value, as well as the opponent’s HP (the more HP he has, the more damage he deals). Also heals a small amount of HP for Li Ling.
  • spear burner (basic ability): Deals 125% of ATK as damage, while stealing 15% of target’s AP.

* Tai Chi cooldown is reduced upon reaching level five in this skill, using Legendary Abilimons.

His combination of single target and group damage makes him strong in the majority of combat situations. The Altar does heavy damage to all enemies, and once you have just one target left, its Tai Chi can be devastating. It is particularly effective against boss mobs, as part of his damage on his two special abilities is True Damage. This equals a percentage of the enemy’s total HP, meaning it increases for stronger opponents. Your damage cap here is tied to your STR stat.

Resonance: What stats should I increase?

Raising Resonance for Li Ling is difficult, because to do this you need multiple copies of the same Esper – and Li Ling is very rare. However, if you are lucky enough to be able to augment his skills through Resonance, the obvious way to go is to increase Atk. He’s all about dealing damage, and all of his damage potential is based on his ATK strength. Rely on others to hold him up and let him do what he does best.

Which sets of relics suit Li Ling best?

The only real cap on how much damage Li Ling can do is his ATT Ranking, so boosting that should be a priority. It follows that his crits are even better, so increasing both his chances of getting them and their potency are also good tactical choices.

Alternatively, you can turn to his innate AP stealing abilities and work on increasing his SPD. This will give him more attacks, meaning those special abilities will cycle around more often. And it’s those specials that do the real damage. Remember that the bonuses here are only applied if you have a full set (four Una or two Mui) of this type of Relic equipped:

  • War machine (Una): ATK +30%. Increases your STR stat, and therefore damage.
  • wind walker (Una): SPD +25 percent. Can give you more turns in combat.
  • hammer of thor (Una): C. DMG +40 percent. Increases critical damage.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): RATE C. +20 percent. Increases your chance of getting critical hits.

An interesting alternative is underworld (Ouna) and Sword Avatar (Mui). Worth a try if you want to avoid healers on your team. Hades gives Lifesteal, healing you for 35% of the damage you deal. While Sword Avatara gives a fixed bonus to HP, keeping you in battle longer.

Relics Sub Stats

When upgraded, each relic can also give you five stat boosts, either fixed stats or a percentage of your current total. Generally, the higher your base stat and the higher the quality of the relic, the more likely it is that a percentage bonus will exceed a fixed bonus. But you can swap them out to assess extreme cases.

For Li Ling, C. RATE (close to 100) and ATK percentage should be your priority once you have his ATK in the base 1000+ range. Right behind these, the C. DMG and the SPD are very useful.

How to play Li Ling

Li Ling is a true jack-of-all-trades Esper who is a great choice in any battle in the game. Once strong enough, he can even take down any story level fairly quickly, which means you can fill the other four squad slots with the Starimons you need to upgrade your other Espers.

When playing him in tough battles, remember that these stronger abilities have long durations. If you’ve built up his STR, even his basic attack is strong – so don’t be afraid to hold those big guns back, rather than firing them right before a new wave is about to appear.

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