Martial artists break Guinness World Record for most kicks in 1 minute


Martial artists break record for most kicks in 1 minute


  • Silvana Shamuon and her student modified their kicks to land 178 in 60 seconds
  • The pair broke the previous world record of 144 kicks in one minute
  • Silvana Shamuon previously held the record for kicking people in the head

Are you good at kicking? Can you land fifty kicks in a minute?

While fifty kicks per minute is a good number for training enthusiasts and young athletes, a 28-year-old martial artist and her American students managed to hit 178 to set a new Guinness World Record.

Silvana Shamuon teamed up with her student to record the most pair martial art kicks in 1 minute (female).

Silvana, a third level black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and instructor at Shamuon Generation of Martial Arts, is not new to setting world records. In 2016, she set a Guinness Record by throwing soccer balls at people’s heads.

For the final record, she teamed up with 15-year-old Hannah Wright and changed the kicks to finish with a total of 178. That broke the previous record of 144.

“I’m still looking for ideas on Guinness, and I saw this one and I was like ‘Hmm, I think I could do that with Hannah.’ It was honestly just the luck of the research, “Shamuon said. The record newspaper.

“Words cannot express the pride I felt in Hannah. For a teenage girl, she has been amazing all the way,” she added.

Shamuon said the idea for the record came to him in 2019. But due to the pandemic and Wright’s broken foot, they had to push the target back to 2021.


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