Nelkboys set to sponsor and sign Dana White’s search for UFC fighter


YouTube content creators, the Nelkboys set to travel with UFC President Dana White for an upcoming Dana White is looking for a fight recording at a professional mixed martial arts event in Kansas City, Missouri – where they will sign their own fighter for the promotion, before finding themselves sponsored by YouTubers.

White, who appeared on the Creator’s Podcast, Complete shipment on several occasions over the past year reportedly traveled to an event in Kansas City with the Nelkboys, who will then have the opportunity to choose a fighter to sign for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“Dana White says they (the UFC) are working on getting the Nelkboys to come to Kansas City for the next Lookin’ For A Fight,” Twitter user Jed I. Goodman tweeted. “The Nelkboys will pick their own fighter. They will sign it. He will enter the UFC and he will be sponsored by Nelk.

Last year, Nelkboys member SteveWillDoIt infamously traveled to Las Vegas at UFC headquarters, where he presented promotion president White with a custom-made Maybach wrapped in a Howler Head design.

The Nelkboys currently have 7.2 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel.

SteveWillDoIt also threw a trainer at UFC heavyweight contender Tai Tuivasa for the Australian fan-favorite’s traditional post-victory shoey at UFC 264 in July following his knockout win over Greg Hardy.

News of the content creator’s opportunity to sign a regional prospect to the UFC has received both positive and negative feedback on social media, with one user describing the decision as “asinine” – and claimed the fighter who will be signed will forever be known as the product of the Nelkboys rather than reviewing their careers on their own merit.

Another user claimed that the group having a large following on social media will bring attention to said fighter, which, in turn, will benefit his career under the UFC banner.


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