Porsche South Lakes becomes the new sponsor of Summerlands Taekwondo


A CUMBRIAN Martial Arts Club has announced an exciting new partnership with Porsche South Lakes.

Summersland Taekwondo Club is delighted to announce Porsche as their newest sponsor.

Ryan Lightley, Summerlands TKD Head Coach, said: “We are very grateful to Porche South Lakes for their support this year and it will have a huge impact on our members, helping them reach their potential.

“Daughter of Simon and Nicolas, Hallie has been with us since we opened our doors in September 2020 and has therefore been there to witness the growth and improvement of our club and its members and the positive feedback we have had. Received from them made all our efforts worth it.

Club members were able to visit the Porsche showrooms and meet the staff.

Simon Parker, Director of Porsche Center South Lakes, said: “Porsche Center South Lakes is delighted to sponsor the Summerlands Taekwondo school which we have been running since March 2022.

“My daughter Hallie loves going to Summerlands Taekwondo and spending time there it was clear to me that Ryan and Lisa put so much time and effort into school that they were doing it only for the benefit of their students.

“Students benefit so much from attending the school and they go out of their way to create a bright, fun and supportive environment in which they can thrive.

“Ryan and Lisa have created a space for local children to study taekwondo, instilling excellent values ​​which they benefit from as they grow and develop into adulthood – it truly feels like a family of taekwondo.

“For the above reasons, Porsche Center South Lakes is thrilled to be affiliated with the school and to contribute to our sponsorship. We all look forward to an exciting year for all at Summerlands Taekwondo.


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