Shocking Kill Bill Theory Reveals The Bride Never…Killed Bill


The Kill Bill the duology followed The Bride’s mission to get revenge on Bill and kill him, which she achieved in Kill Bill: Volume 2, but one theory suggests that she never actually killed Bill, and that it was all just an elaborate play. Quentin Tarantino has earned a place in film history with his trademark narrative and visual style, although he has also become a controversial writer and director due to the large amounts of violence and gore in his films, as well as due to some behind-the-scenes incidents and the way some of his characters were portrayed.

Tarantino’s career as a filmmaker began in 1992 with the detective film reservoir dogsand while it was a critical success, its big breakthrough came two years later with pulp Fiction, another detective film that has the distinction of being told in a non-linear style. Since then, Tarantino has explored different genres with his films – from slasher to Proof of death to alternate versions of historical events with Inglourious Basterds and Once upon a time in Hollywood – and in 2003, he visited the genre of martial arts with Kill Bill and Kill Bill: Volume 2released six months apart. Kill Bill follows The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman), an assassin described as “world‘s deadliest womanwho seeks revenge on Bill (David Carradine), her former boss and lover.


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The Bride fulfilled her mission in Kill Bill: Volume 2 and, as the title suggests, she eventually killed Bill with a legendary killing blow known as the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique, taught to her by martial arts master Pai Mei (Gordon Liu). However, one theory suggests that even though Beatrix and the audience saw Bill die, it was all a lie and he is still alive.

Bride and Bill’s Story Explained

Beatrix Kiddo’s backstory is mostly unknown, which only adds to the mystery of her character, but the driving force behind her arc is her relationship with Bill. Beatrix was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad under the code name “Black Mamba”, and Bill sent her to train with legendary martial arts master Pai Mei, who at first ridiculed and tormented her. . However, Beatrix eventually earned Pai Mei’s respect, so much so that he decided to teach her the Five-Point Blast Heart Technique, a move that Pai Mei refused to teach her students due to her dangerousness, because it can leave their opponent. able to take only five steps before dying. Beatrix became the deadliest assassin in Bill’s service, becoming his right-hand man and lover, earning the envy of fellow Viper Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah).

When Beatrix became pregnant with Bill’s child, she left the Deadly Viper Squad in order to ditch the assassin lifestyle and start a new one with her daughter. Beatrix became engaged to a man named Tommy, and on the day of their wedding rehearsal, Bill (believing the father of Beatrix’s child was her fiancé and thus feeling even more betrayed) ordered the assassination of all everyone in the chapel. With Beatrix injured and lying on the ground, Bill shot her in the head. Beatrix was in a coma for four years, during which her child, BB, was successfully delivered. BB was raised by Bill, and when Beatrix awoke she plotted revenge against the entire Deadly Viper Squad and Bill himself.

Theory: The Bride Never Killed Bill

Kill Bill 2 BB Bill

Bill didn’t show up before Kill Bill: Volume 2, where after finishing with the entire team (except Elle Driver, whose fate remained unknown), Beatrix finally reunited with Bill and his daughter. After spending time with BB, Beatrix and Bill talked about what had happened and got into a fight, which ended with Beatrix using the five-point exploding heart technique on Bill, who fell died in his garden. Beatrix then left with BB, and finally started a new chapter with her daughter. However, a theory posted on Reddit claims Beatrix didn’t kill Bill and uses various moments throughout. Kill Bill who might support the idea.

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The author of the theory explains that Beatrix went through a major change in her life when she learned that she was pregnant, going from murderer to mother, which is why she did not fight back in the chapel, but when she awoke from her coma and realized she was no longer pregnant (and believed her daughter was dead), she became an assassin again. However, there were moments during her revenge mission that saw her oscillate between assassin and mother, such as Vernita Green’s daughter, Nikki, watching her kill her mother. After that, she didn’t kill Budd (Michael Madsen), who was instead killed by Elle, nor Elle, and she didn’t pursue the man who helped Budd bury her alive, and she went. directly to meet Bill.

At Bill’s they played with BB and pretended to be shot and die, which the author sees as a foreshadowing of what was to come. That’s when The Bride became a mom again, and when she hit Bill with the Pai Mei technique, it was all just an act. When Bill asked her if Pai Mei taught her that, the bride replied that he did, but shook her head. This is seen by the author as another hint that this is all an act, with Beatrix pretending to kill Bill and pretending to die for him. Bill then got up and took six steps, not five as Pai Mei said, then dropped to the ground. At the end of Kill Bill: Volume 2, when Beatrix was crying and laughing on the bathroom floor of her motel room, she said “thank you,” which could have been her thanking Bill for playing along and letting them go. Finally, the author explains that the black and white credits of Kill Bill 2 confirm that Bill is not dead, as all actors on the death list have their names crossed out (except Daryl Hannah, who gets a question mark), and David Carradine’s name is unmarked.

What Could Have Happened to Bill (and the Deadly Viper Squad)

Kill Bill Deadly Vipers

The biggest question regarding the possibility that The Bride didn’t kill Bill is what might have happened to him after the end of Kill Bill 2. Although Beatrix killed most of the Deadly Viper Squad, there are two members still alive: Elle Driver and Sofie Fatale (Julie Dreyfus), O-Ren Ishii’s (Lucy Liu) lawyer, confidante and second lieutenant. who was also a protege of Bill. There’s also Nikki Green, Vernita’s daughter, who could have grown up seeking revenge for her mother’s death and could have been taken in and trained by Bill. If Bill is still alive, it’s possible he formed a new team with Elle, Sophie and Nikki, although whether he sought revenge on The Bride later or not is up to the public’s imagination. .

Could Bill return in Kill Bill 3?

Kill Bill 3 ruins the ending of the movie

We talked a lot about Kill Bill 3 for years, with Tarantino sharing what the story could have been. Kill Bill 3 would focus on Nikki Green, as The Bride told her that if she still felt “gross about it“When she grows up, she will wait. Nikki was reportedly raised by Sofie Fatale, who inherited all of Bill’s money, and thus Kill Bill 3 would see Nikki’s revenge against The Bride and BB Now, if Bill never died and Kill Bill 3 happened he could return but as an unseen presence, much like in the first film, as Tarantino is unlikely to choose to recast the role. Bill being alive and his ‘death’ scene being nothing more than a play with Beatrix would hurt the whole story of The Bride, as it wouldn’t have carried out its main plan and she and BB would still be in danger, as Bill has proven. he has been untrustworthy for years, and he would certainly seek revenge at some point.

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