The average person spends $ 111 per month (or $ 13,000 over 10 years) on their pets


NEW YORK – Can a Pet Prepare You for Parenthood? According to a new study, indeed in a can! In fact, one in three people think their pet will make them a better parent someday.

However, as a recent survey of 2,000 American cat and dog owners revealed, pet ownership can also lead to a lot of anxiety and expense, as can raising children. For example, the typical pet owner spends $ 176 on initial supplies and adoption fees to bring their four-legged friend home. After that, they spend an additional $ 111 each month for their care.

That’s a whopping $ 13,320 in 10 years – the average lifespan of most dogs and cats. Meanwhile, over 45% of those surveyed are actively worried that their pet will get sick or hurt. Another 33 percent fear their pet is unhappy.

Wait until the last minute for veterinary care?

The survey, conducted by OnePoll and ordered by AskVet, also finds that pet parents trust veterinary professionals the most. However, they are also surprisingly reluctant to pay their companion’s medical bills. 90% of those surveyed call their veterinarian when their pet exhibits strange or unusual behavior, but only 79% actually make an appointment to visit. doctor. In fact, nearly a quarter of all respondents (24%) say they don’t take their pets to the vet unless they know for sure something is wrong.

Overall, Millennials between the ages of 25 and 40 wait the longest to call a vet when something goes wrong. nine days before asking for help. By comparison, Gen Z (18-24) and Gen X (41-56) pet owners wait six days and baby boomers (57+) wait only three days.

Another 44% say they will research their pet’s health online when they think something is wrong. These respondents will spend approximately 394 hours surfing the web over the life of an average pet.

Control of pets

“Pet parents often wait too long to manage their pet’s welfare,” said Cait Pluto, senior vice president of marketing at AskVet, in a statement. “The right pet lifestyle choices lead to better health outcomes, lower veterinary costs, longer lifespan, and more joy for pets and their parents. Parents of pets can use virtual wellness care to manage this healthy pet lifestyle. “

Animals make people better

The desire for ongoing pet care makes sense – after all, 48% of pet parents believe taking care of their furry friend has made them a more responsible person. Nine in ten also say they want to manage their pet’s continued well-being in a more holistic way and value expert advice throughout the journey.

“It’s hard to take care of a living being that can’t tell you how it feels, whether it’s a puppy, a newborn or even a houseplant,” Pluto adds. “That’s why it’s so important to have reliable veterinary resources to provide you with personalized, proactive advice instead of relying on online research and unqualified advice. “

Ultimately, one in three respondents believe their pets are a reflection of them as people. This includes parents who have brought home a new pet for their children; something 56 percent of parents in the survey did. In fact, 51% of those parents now say that even though they didn’t want a pet at first, they can’t imagine life without them anymore.


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