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UFC President Dana White is a man who knows how to make money. Dana White’s net worth is around $ 500 million and he has been named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine.

Dana White is the man who made the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) what it is today and is one of the most successful and ruthless businessmen in the world. His rise to success is filled with many twists and turns. Read on to find out more!


Dana White was born July 28, 1969 in Manchester, Connecticut. For most of their childhood, Dana and her sister Kelly were raised by their mother and family. Dana’s father is of Irish descent and identifies as Irish-American.

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With Dana White as president, the UFC has grown into a multi-billion dollar operation. (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP via Getty Images)

Dana White spent most of her early years living in Ware, Massachusetts. Although he started at college twice, first at Quincy College and then at UMass Boston, he dropped out both times in the first semester.

Dana White started boxing at age 17 and eventually became a boxing coach. White eventually moved in with Mark Wahlberg, and the Boston-raised stars lived together for about five months.

What prompted Dana White to move to Las Vegas?

According to Dana White, he moved to Las Vegas after gangster Whitley Bugler and his right-hand man Kevin Weeks threatened him. Kevin Weeks told Dana White he owed them a large sum of money totaling $ 2,500. At the time, Dana White said $ 2,500 was $ 25,000, and he immediately left Boston and flew to Las Vegas.

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Dana White and Joe Rogan have become two of the most recognizable faces in the UFC. (Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Spike TV)

Dana White started Dana White Enterprises and has taught aerobics classes in the Las Vegas area. Dana was an amateur boxer and sports fan. He led Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, two promising young fighters in MMA.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was on the verge of bankruptcy after its long battle when a savior intervened. Dana White got in touch with an old childhood friend, Lorenzo Fertitta, after hearing about the UFC’s financial situation. Lorenzo Fertitta happened to be, at the time, commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and an executive at Station Casinos.

In 2001, Dana White acquired the UFC for $ 2 million. He was named president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dana bought the business with the help of Lorenzo Fertitta and Lorenzo’s older brother Frank. However, when he and the Fertittas first acquired the UFC, all they got out of the deal was an old octagon and the brand name “UFC”.

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Dana White poses with the Fertitta brothers and photographer Kevin Lynch. (Photo by Claire Greenway / Getty Images)

To avoid bankruptcy, the former owners stripped the company of its assets. Even the domain name UFC.com was sold to a company called “User Friendly Computers”.

Dana White’s marketing strategy as president was taking risks by promoting events where the fighters were good performers like Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz. With a successful reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC went mainstream and grossed $ 200 million in pay-per-view revenue in 2006. The Ultimate Fighter became the reality TV show of America’s most successful mixed martial arts on cable television since its debut in 2005.

Dana White’s Net Worth

Dana White helped sell the UFC for $ 4 billion in July 2016 to arts agency WME-IMG. Lorenzo Fertitta has resigned as chairman while Dana White’s 9% stake in the company has increased. As part of the deal, White remained the coarse “face” of the organization.

Dustin Poirier ufc champion
Dana White places the UFC Championship belt around Dustin Poirier in April 2019 (Photo by Logan Riely / Getty Images)

According to Forbes, Dana White’s net worth in 2021 is $ 500 million, including her annual salary of $ 20 million and UFC earnings as a minority owner. After boxing Floyd Mayweather, Dana White took note of the millions Conor McGregor made for himself and the UFC. The success of the match inspired White to launch the new boxing organization, Zuffa Boxing, affiliated with the UFC.

His partnerships also inflate Dana White’s net worth in various brands like the Howlerhead whiskey brand. Whenever UFC events take place, Howler Head’s name is always listed as a sponsor.

Private life

A lot of people ask, “Who is Dana White’s wife?” Dana married Anne Marie ‘Chickie’ Vasques in 1996. The couple met while working at Bank One Ballpark, where they both worked as teenagers. They have three children together: Tyler, Sophia and Aidan James.

dana white net worth nate diaz conor mcgregor
Dana White intervenes during an intense one-on-one between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Dana White is very protective of Anne’s privacy and tries to keep her and their children out of public view. He has said in interviews that he wants them to live an everyday life away from media scrutiny.


Frank Fertitta III sold White a mansion in Pine Island Court, Las Vegas, in 2006 for $ 1.95 million. Between October 2016 and June 2017, White purchased three other mansions in the same area for around $ 6.2 million. He demolished the houses to create a large, super mansion that includes a game room, state-of-the-art gym, basketball court and an impressive swimming pool.

Cars and bikes

One thing about Dana White that a lot of people don’t know is that he’s a car fanatic. A man worth over half a billion dollars can certainly afford to drive, let alone own, cars the rest of us can only dream of. Its collection includes a variety of makes and models, from BMWs to Corvettes. Likewise, its collection of bikes includes Harley-Davidsons and Ducatis.


In 2016, Dana White spoke at the Republican National Convention and supported Republican candidate Donald Trump. Dana White said no venue or arena wanted to host the event in the early days of the UFC. Trump contacted Dana White and offered to host the UFC event at the Trump Taj Mahal.

dana white vote
Dana White votes alongside former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the 2010 election. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

In Colorado, White spoke on the podium at a rally for Trump’s re-election in 2020 and reiterated his support. White also donated $ 1 million to America First Action, a super PAC supporting Trump’s re-election.

Health problems

Dana White announced in May 2012 that he had been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease. He described it saying, “It’s like dizziness but on steroids.” Orthokine has made considerable progress in the treatment of Meniere’s disease of White. According to him, this significantly reduced his symptoms.

White having followed medical advice, he missed the UFC event on Fuel TV 3: Korean Zombie vs. Pear tree. It was the first event White had missed in 11 years.

Dana White: UFC President

Dana White is one of the most famous people in sports. He has been called a “shrewd and ruthless businessman” and he has an estimated net worth of $ 500 million! You might know him as the rude face of the UFC, and we hope this article has given you a better insight into how he became famous and wealthy.

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