UK okay? run ‘Ask RU OK? “No Qualifications Needed” campaign via Ogilvy and its partners – Campaign overview


Today Thursday 8e September is UK OK?Day, a national day of action and a reminder that all day is a day to check in with your friends, family and colleagues.

After almost 3 years of disruption, thanks to the pandemic, the loneliness of lockdown, job insecurity, destructive fires, floods and rising living costs driven by inflation, many Australians make it difficult. On average, 8.6 Australians die each day by suicide. This is more than double the road toll (ABS, 2021).

Searching for RU OK?[1] found that 4 in 10 Australians feel like asking someone, “Are you okay?” It might be best to have a chat with an expert, but the truth is, we’re not qualified to talk about most things happening in the world right now and that doesn’t seem to be stopping us. We all have what it takes to have these conversations and we need to have them with the people we care about every day – in the car, at the beach or around the barbecue.

Building on this, Ogilvy developed this year’s RU OK?Day theme, “Ask RU OK? No qualification required”. It’s an idea that speaks to all Australians, giving them the confidence to ask the simple, yet potentially life-changing question, “are you okay?”.

UK okay?  run 'Ask RU OK?  Country

Katherine Newton, CEO of UK OK? “I think it’s a message that everyone can relate to because we all think we’re experts in a range of things, so why hesitate when it’s something we can actually do.

“By having regular, meaningful conversations, we can help the people we care about feel supported before they are in crisis, and if that conversation becomes too much for us, we can guide them to seek out professional help.”

UK okay?  run 'Ask RU OK?  Country

With the generous support of some of the country’s top production partners and creative talent UK OK? launched a contextual multi-channel campaign to bring this year’s theme to life. Revolver’s Justin Kurzel masterfully crafted a charming 45-second film, with post-production by The Editors and Vandal. Jacky Winter’s Kate Pullen illustrated a range of playful themes for contextual and digital OOH. And talent from major media platforms such as Foxtel, Kayo, Nova, Seven Network, Nine Media, Network 10 and News Corp will present conversations around the campaign that day.

Said Toby Talbot, Creative Director, AUNZ, Ogilvy: “I can’t think of a bigger topic than mental health in Australia right now. And having such an iconic Australian director like Justin Kurzel help us bring the idea to life has been huge for all of us. Special thanks to all of our production partners who showed us how much they care about their time and effort. Thanks.”

Whether you’re waiting for a train while discussing the transit routing algorithm or watching the soccer finals from the couch commenting on the referee’s judgment, our goal is to remind you and everyone Aussies, that you don’t need qualifications to strike up a meaningful conversation and ask a friend, ‘Are you okay?’

‘Ask RU okay? No qualifications necessary’ because one conversation can change a life. Find conversation tips on:

For assistance any time of the day or night, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

[1] Fiftyfive5 RU OK?Day Research August 2022

Creative and public relations agency – Ogilvy:
Toby Talbot – Creative Director, Australia and New Zealand
Chris Little – Group Creative Director
Robyn Ramsay – Writer
Luke Roxburgh – art director
Toby Harrison – Chief Strategy Officer, Australia and New Zealand
Michelle Holland – General Manager
Taylor Feely – Senior Account Manager
Jemma Marriott – Senior Integrated Project Manager
Cassie Floriano – Producer
Rob Spencer – Broadcast Production Manager
Tom Fogarty – Consultant
Lauren Williams – Account Coordinator
Louise Fennelly-Cook – Commercial Director
Heidi Rose – Client Partner
Natasha Lorenzini – Senior Consultant

Media agency – Mindshare
Catherine Rushton – Chief Strategy Officer, Australia and New Zealand
Wayne Jarvis – Sydney Investment Manager

Customer – RU OK?
Gennie Sheer – COO and Campaign Director
Amelia Gilbert – Brand and Marketing Manager
Dorran Wajsman – art director
Huw Bonello – Head of Digital Engagement
Rebecca Wood – Marketing Manager
Annabel Bowman – Media and Public Relations Manager
Michele D’Aloia – Media Advisor
Michael Cheng – Animator (freelance)

Production Company – Revolver
Justin Kurzel – Director
Michael Ritchie – Managing Director/Co-Owner
Pip Smart – Executive Producer/Partner
Alex Kember – Producer
Sam Chiplin – Director of Photography

Post-production – The editors
Liv Reddy – Production Manager
Lily Davis – Writer
Edel Rafferty – Colorist
Matt Edwards – Online

TV sound design and mixing – Vandal
EP – Anna Greensmith
Sound engineer – Nigel Crowley

Illustrations – Jacky Winter Group
Anne-Marie Shelton – Producer
Kate Pullen – Illustrator

Casting – Nick Hamon Casting

Radio Sound Design and Mixing – Rumble

TV delivery – Adstream

Broadcasting and cinema mixing – Edge DP


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